Amber Rubarth


In her unassuming yet beguiling way, Amber Rubarth draws you into a world where wonder and high-minded concepts weave into a poetic tapestry, a world where space and time can come screeching to a halt with “songs so strong they sound like classics from another era,” (Acoustic Guitar).

Rubarth has toured throughout the world from South Africa to Japan, numerous times across Europe and North America including CarnegieHall, opening shows for legendary artists including  Emmylou Harris, Kenny Loggins, Richie Havens, Dr. Ralph Stanley, and Jason Mraz. Grand Prize winner for songwriting and performance in NPR Mountain Stage new song contest, Rubarth's newest album 'Wildflowers in the Graveyard' explores the cycles of life, death and renewal in nature and relationships. All songs are self-penned and recorded to 2" tape “like forgotten and
rediscovered sound treasures from the past,” (Stereo) co-produced by Rubarth and Matt Andrews (Gillian Welch, Dave Rawlings) in Nashville, Tennessee.

In addition to touring, Rubarth’s music has also woven deeply into the film worlds, debuting her acting starring in the feature film ‘American Folk’ alongside folk artist Joe Purdy. After winning various film festivals, it released in theaters early 2019 to great acclaim, with Rolling Stone praising the soundtrack as “two wondrous new voices steeped in the folk tradition” and was picked up by Hulu and Amazon. Rubarth has scored and composed for numerous other films as well, including Sundance Festival winner 'Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work' (with Paul Brill) and the award-winning documentary ‘Desert Runners.' She recently coproduced a double album for the cult classic ‘Fantastic Fungi,’ curating 24 music artists around the magical world of mycelium. She is co-founder of Brooklyn indie band The Paper Raincoat which is currently being turned into a stage musical, and UK-based harmony folk-trio Applewood Road, whose debut album was named The Telegraph's Best Albums and Rubarth’s original arrangement featured in the BBC’s Sisters in Country: Dolly, Linda and Emmylou.

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